Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Moleskines and Me

This is where it all happens for me, scribbled down in six different kinds of Moleskines.

And one big piece of paper that quickly becomes useless.

I love using Moleskines for working out all the niggly little details involved in creating a world. Mostly I love using them because they're compact, portable, and each style can be used for different aspects of creation.

For instance, guess what the large sketchbook is filled with? Yep. Maps and sketches.

What frightens me most is knowing that I've already invested $70.70 (plus tax) in this single novel.

Not counting my laptop, of course.

And everyone seems to think writing is such a glamorous vocation.....


S.M.D. said...

I use Moleskines as well, but not for the bulk of my writing. I type a lot faster than I write by hand, and since I'm a lefty my hands start to really hurt after a little while.
One thing that really ruined my day was when I lost one of my moleskines that I keep writing in :(. That was a horrible day! I still have my large hex/graph paper one, a small pocket sized one, and one large lined one. All wonderful!

SpecLit said...

Ahhh, perhaps I've given the wrong impression. I do not actually write in the Moleskines; I use the computer for that. The notebooks are just used for planning.

But the thought of losing one... I shudder to think!

S.M.D. said...

Actually...all the big ones are missing...I have no idea where they are and it's really driving me nuts now...